Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio – Oak Park, IL

You have got to go here…Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio!

For a few years I was traveling to Chicago regularly for business, but always took time out to do a little exploring.  On one particular trip I was joined by my husband and friend and thankfully we discovered a gem – thanks David for doing the leg work!

The Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio is located in Oak Park, Il – a super quaint and beautiful suburb of Chicago.  To get there, hop on public transportation from wherever you are – we took the “L” from downtown Chicago and it dropped us off right in town.  Everything is in walking distance so no need to worry about paying for any more transportation.  Another great thing is that the town is very easy to manuever , so get lost for fun – you never know what you may discover!

Our first stop was BREAKFAST, we proceeded to The Original Pancake House, there are a lot of restaurants so pick something that fits your fancy!  After getting some grub we were ready to delight in architectural wonder and boy did we.  On our walk to the home and studio I was amazed, no I was mesmerized, by all the Frank Lloyd Wright homes (and one church) in such a small area.  To me, Wright was a genius and to see his work like this was phenomenal, I really can’t explain how cool it was!

One of the first pieces of work I stumbled on was actually a church – The Unity Temple.  Make sure to walk around the whole building as the details are amazing…when you are ready, proceed:)!

In my opinion there is really no wrong way to walk around this town to the Wright Home and Studio – any which way you go will lead you past many fine examples of his work.  Always keep your eyes open as you never know what kind of wonder you may see!

At some point during the day make sure that you do visit the home and studio as the inside is just as gorgeous as the outside.  I also personally enjoyed learning about the history of Wright.  Take your time and enjoy the sites as you may never see as many of his works all together like this again.

On a side note, the cost to enter the home and studio is $15 and well worth it.   There are also several other Wright buildings you can visit in the Chicago area – if you are interested, you can find more information here.  Also, don’t rush out-of-town when you are done, there are tons of unique little shops to visit – May I suggest The Irish Shop?  You will also regret it if you don’t stop by Petersen’s Ice Cream Parlour for a scoop of fresh local ice cream!

Happy Wrighting!



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