Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden – Las Vegas, Nev.

You have got to go here…the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden – Las Vegas, Nev.

Did you know that drinks aren’t the only thing that you can get for free in Vegas?  At the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden you can get FREE CHOCOLATE!  You read that right…FREE CHOCOLATE!  I am not suggesting that you drop everything, but I would hurry up and go!

I had always heard of the mystical chocolate factory tour where sweets flowed through your hands and into your mouth, so on my last trip to Las Vegas I knew that I had to go there.

When we pulled into the driveway it became clear that I made a good choice to visit – the chocolate smell in the air was scrumptious!  OH, and we were greeted by my favorite M&M!

OK, enough about me!  When you first arrive there are plenty of signs pointing you to the tour.  Once inside the factory (yes you get to go inside for FREE) there are displays on the history of chocolate /Ethel M and giant viewing windows so you can watch the chocolate being made.

Take your time and enjoy the scenery because at the end there is a surprise for you!

FREE CHOCOLATE!!! They had milk, white, dark and a special of the day (it was pecan toffee when I went and it was so good!)  I have to say that I have tasted a lot of chocolate in my life and this was one of my favorites.

After you are done, head into the store for yummy delights!  There are so many choices to purchase – truffles, bars, brittle…the list goes on and on.  Make sure you take a look at everything as you don’t want to skip over something tasty!

The  fun doesn’t end in the store…so grab yourself a decadent hot chocolate or ice cream and head outside to the cactus garden.  It is Nevada’s largest display of cactus with over 300 different types and it is truly beautiful.  There are many little walkways to take through the garden so make sure you stroll them all. Who would have thought that by visiting a chocolate factory you would also get a tour of nature???

The Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Garden Tour was such a pleasant surprise.  It was fun to step away from the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip and go see something unique and FREE!!

The factory is located in Henderson, Nev. (not far from the airport) and is open seven days a week.

I highly suggest you put down the quarters, step away from the slot machine and go try some treats!

Happy Chocolating!


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