Spruce Street Suspension Bridge – San Diego, Calif.

You have got to go here…Spruce Street Suspension Bridge – San Diego, Calif.

After visiting Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge in Vancouver I was eager to find something similar close to home…so I started to search!  To my surprise I came across a suspension bridge in San Diego, and while it is in a totally different environment, it was just as fun (and FREE)!

The Spruce Street Suspension Bridge is located in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego and is 100 years old!

Historical Marker

There is ample parking as it is in neighborhood and easily accessible.  Once you park – get ready to have some fun!  OH and don’t worry – this bridge was built to hold 2,186 people!

Getting ready to cross the bridge.
Mark pretending he is Indiana Jones!

The Spruce Street Suspension Bridge links two neighborhoods and crosses Kate Sessions Canyon.  I suggest you stop in the middle and take in the beautiful scenery, but when you do don’t be alarmed – yes the bridge is wobbly!

At first I had to hold on, but then I let go and set myself free to enjoy the bridge.  I must have walked back and forth at least three times before my husband finally told me that it was time to go!  Jealous feelings arose as I so wished this path was a part of my daily walk!

While this bridge is not a place that you can stay all day, it is for sure something different.  Lots of people head down to San Diego for the big sites, but you will be sorry if you don’t take some time to experience this hidden gem!

Happy Bridging,


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