Funky Seattle

You have got to go here…Funky Seattle, Wash.

Are you visiting Seattle this summer?  I have a mini blog just for you!  Here are three funky places in Seattle that you may have not thought about visiting, but they are a must!

1. Volunteer Park

Why? Lush green lawns, beautiful flowers, walking trails, history, museums, amazing views of the city – need I say more?

2. The Fremont Troll

Why?  A troll under a bridge – who can resist that?

3. Post Alley Gum Wall (Pike Place Market)

Why? It is truly is a piece of art.  Some of you may say how gross, but I was mesmerized by how beautiful the colors were.  I encourage you to leave your mark…wear gloves if you have to, but DO IT!

Happy Seattling,


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