The Crumpet Shop – Seattle, Wash.

You have got to go here…The Crumpet Shop – Seattle, Wash.

If you have been to Seattle, you know that there are a plethora of amazing restaurants to tempt your taste buds.  So many, you may have a hard time choosing where to eat, well have no fear I am here to help – at least with one restaurant choice!  Located in The Pike Place Market on 1st Ave., The Crumpet Shop is somewhere not to be missed.

Open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week, The Crumpet Shop hand makes their organic treats every day.

I have had a few crumpets in my day, but never ones that tasted this moist and fresh – my stomach was in heaven.  The choice of toppings for your crumpets range from butter and fresh preserves to green eggs and ham, to cream cheese, to salmon – the possibilities are endless.  No matter what you choose, I suggest you try a few or go back several times like I did!

The crumpets aren’t the only thing on the menu that is a must try.  Specialized organic teas are also something to be sampled.  I had the green iced tea and it was fabulous…shhhh, I will let you in on a little secret – save your cup as they offer FREE refills all day.  Now that is a bargain!

It isn’t only the food that makes The Crumpet Shop somewhere you have to go, the cute and cozy environment has such a welcoming vibe…its is a great place to relax, watch crumpets being made and enjoy a fabulous and reasonably priced home-cooked meal.

Did I mention this is a family run business?  For the past 36 years Nancy and her husband have been lovingly serving the Seattle community.  I was lucky enough to get to meet her and pick her brain about her yummy shop.  This makes The Crumpet Shop even more special in my book – I love supporting mom and pop shops!

If you live in Seattle or are visiting, don’t walk, but run to The Crumpet Shop – you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Crumpeting,


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