StepLadder Ranch & Creamery – Cambria, CA

You have got to go here…Stepladder Ranch & Creamery – Cambria, Ca

This gate leads to cheese!

Do you love goat cheese, goats, and dogs? If so, Stepladder Creamery is for you!

While on a camping trip in Cambria, Ca I was driving through town when I saw it…A SIGN (you all know how I love signs)! It had a cute picture of a goat climbing a ladder with the words…GOAT CHEESE TOUR on it…I immediately booked my tour online (reservations required).

For $20 I was going to be able to eat goat cheese, and pet animals, this is literally my dream,

Located a short 20 minute drive from town, the creamery is perched high on a hill overlooking beautiful hills and the ocean. The view alone was worth the money.

Upon arrival you are greeted by your guide, Frank.

OK, he isn’t really your guide, but will be with you the entire tour!! Once Frank felt that he had enough love, your guide will lead you to the main attraction…the goats!

The goats were so loving and silly.

Even Frank got into the fun…

After ample time bonding and learning about the goats on the ranch, the next stop was visiting and learning about the cheese process.

While we did not see any action, we did run into the night security…

After some belly rubs, it was on to the tasting of the cheese.

There were so many yummy types, and they had honey too!!! Feel free to sample as much as you want. Best part…you can buy their product on-site and then take it home to enjoy that night, and that is exactly what we did!

Like always, I did not include all the fun stuff, it is up to you to go and experience it on your own!

Happy, Cheesing,


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