Happy Acres Family Farm

You have got to here…Happy Acres Family Farm!

On a recent camping trip I had been told about a goat farm in Templeton, CA that made the most amazing goat cheese.  Fresh goat cheese was all I and to hear; I was destined to find this place!

Happy Acres Farm is located on a picturesque tree-lined street.  You may miss the sign, but you can’t miss the goats.

Upon arrival I was torn as to where to head first–country store or cute goats.  As it almost always does, shopping won out!  The store was simple, clean and full of fresh goat milk products.  Of course there is goat cheese in a variety of flavors, but the family also makes lotion (I purchased some lotion and loved it), soap, bubble bath, and face wash all from their own goats milk and recipe.  If there isn’t someone there to take your money, no worries–leave it in the honor box.  Make sure you leave the right amount as the chickens are watching!

Next, I needed to give some love to the adorable goats.  There is a bucket of (FREE) peanuts right outside the store.  Grab a handful and head to the fence, by the time you get there a line of furry friends will be waiting for you.  There is no rush feeding the goats, take as much time, and peanuts, as you want enjoying the company.

When I was leaving I found out that if you book in advance you can take a tour of the farm, milk your own goat and make your own goat cheese for a fee.  

For a nice inexpensive family day or romantic date (bring a picnic lunch), I highly suggest visiting this wonderful farm.  The hospitality of the family and the hundreds of goats will warm your heart.

Happy Farming,



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