Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

You have got to go here…Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge!

As I was in yoga today thinking about how it challenges and pushes me I was reminded of a place I visited in North Vancouver – Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge – that did the same thing.  When planning our trip to Canada several people told me that we had to visit Capilano Suspension Bridge, but after doing some research I discovered that there was a bridge just as cool (and frightening – in a good way) and it was FREE!

The pictures of the bridge were beautiful, but to be honest they did not do the scenery justice.  The park is located in a quaint North Vancouver neighborhood, it is truly a hidden gem.

Upon arriving, I started to get butterflies in my stomach as I was doing something I had never done before…walking over a swinging bridge that sits 164 feet above a canyon.  When I arrived at the beginning of the bridge I almost chickened out, but I am so glad that I didn’t (although to be honest it took me several attempts to get across:).)  The bridge, which has been open since 1912, was in perfect condition.  The view of the canyon from the middle was amazing – everything was so lush and green.  The roaring of the river was so soothing, you almost forget that you are suspended in the air.

Had it not been for the school groups running back and forth over the bridge (get there early if you would like to avoid this in the summer) I could have stayed on the bridge soaking everything in much longer.

Don’t be afraid to hold on, AND don’t be afraid to make the trip across the bridge…you will be glad you did it!

On a side note, there are also many hiking trails – there is also a secret side gate (make it a game to find it) you can enter that leads to a trail…we were surprised to find wild blackberries along the way!

Side notes: There is ample parking, a gift store, a cafe…AND did I mention it is Free!  Bring a picnic if you would like:)

Happy Swinging,



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