Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour

You have got to go here…Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour!

Of course you go to Bourbon Street when you are in New Orleans, but may I suggest something a little more adventurous?  Ever since I visited the Everglades I have been obsessed with alligators, so I knew that when I went to the Big Easy there would be a swamp tour involved.

You may say “Why would I want to spend an afternoon with big bugs, gators and mystery creatures?”  My answer is: because an afternoon with big bugs, gators and mystery creatures in the swamps of Louisiana is amazing and a once in a lifetime experience.

After doing research, I chose the Honey Island Swamp Tour by Cajun Encounters because it offered a AAA discount:)  Upon arrival at the dock, it was exactly how I had hoped and imagined – a true swamp (not something that was created for tourists like Disneyland) full of greenery, downed tress and water full of cool creatures!

The boats are nothing fancy, they are small and sleek as to maneuver the canals – our captain was awesome, he knew exactly where the gators were.  We also saw turtles, wild hogs and a variety of birds all living in harmony – I think :).  While the animal life was awesome, I discovered that the thrill of just being in the swamp was much more exciting.  Speeding down the main vein of the river was exhilirating…there were so many different routes to take, no two tours are ever the same!  AND there is a real Cajun Village on the tour…this area is only accessible by boat – it is truly something that you have probably never seen.

This is an adventure you don’t want to miss…so put down the Hurricane for a few hours and see the real Louisiana:)

Side notes: Bring sunscreen, bug spray and water!

Happy Gator Huntin’,




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