Cabrillo National Monument

You have got to go here…Cabrillo National Monument!

I have lived in California my whole life and had never been to the Cabrillo National Monument on the Point Loma Peninsula (near San Diego) until this year.  My husband and I are frequent travelers to San Diego, but wanted to do something we had never done – thankfully we discovered Cabrillo!

First, the drive there is very cool…looking at the houses in the quaint neighborhoods surrounding Cabrillo was an adventure on its own.  I suggest stopping at Charlie’s Best Bread Bakery  in Point Loma to grab a picnic lunch for the day.  After you get some yummy treats for the day proceed through Naval Base Point Loma (It is always very cool to be on an Armed Forces Base, there is so many neat things to see – keep your eyes open) to the national monument.

The entrance fee to the park is a mere $5.00 per car load.  Once inside your adventure can begin.  We started at the visitor’s center to get the lay of the land, learn about the history of the monument and get a smashed penny of course.  From there you can take a short walk and see the Cabrillo Statue – which also gives you an amazing view of Coronado Island, Old Point Loma Lighthouse (you can actually go in and get a feel for what it was like to live in an lighthouse – the spiral stair case to the third floor is AWESOME!), and the Military Exhibit.  If you want to be a little more adventurous, take a hike via the 2-mile Bayside Trail.

WAIT! You are not done yet, drive down to the Tidepools and discover amazing ocean creatures!

Cabrillo National Monument is a great place to spend an inexpensive day with the family or with a date.  The views are breath-taking and the discoveries are endless – grab some water and go exploring!

Happy Trailblazing,


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