Historic Greystone Mansion and Park

You have got to go here…Historic Greystone Mansion and Park!

Visits to the Greystone Mansion are a tradition for me.  Any time I am in L.A. I always stop by to say “Hi”.

My mom began bringing me to the mansion when I was young as a treat.  I will always remember the first time I laid eyes on this hidden gem.  It is grand and beautiful – a place where a child’s imagination can run wild and until this day mine still does.

This is a great place to bring kids, or a date, but my favorite time here is when I am all alone.

I always get excited when I drive off Sunset and on to Doheny as I know I am close (be careful when looking for the driveway as it easy to miss.)  The long and winding road leads you to ample parking and a great overlook of the grounds.

I usually head straight down the historic steps to the mansion.  Thoughts run through my mind – dreaming of whose footprints stood where I am in the heyday of the mansion or what kind of secret rendezvous took place at the pool.  No matter how many times I visit, I always write a new story.

At the mansion, be sure to look through the front door…I am sure you will recognize the black and white checkered pattern from a few movies and music videos.  Leisurely make your way around the house, stop and see the sun-bathing turtles, take a deep breath on the patio – enjoy the view!  Make sure to throughly look at the mansion, the architecture is amazing and awe inspiring…every time you go I can guarantee you will discover something new.

There are several gardens to visit, the stairs on either side of the house lead you to two separate locations.  Visit both as they are stunning and different in their own ways.  Also around the grounds are picnic areas – don’t forget your lunch as relaxing and enjoying the scenery is a must when visiting.

I can not tell you all the people who have lived in the L.A. area their whole life and never knew this treasure was here.  As much as I like to keep this serenity in the middle of all the chaos to myself, I can’t imagine not sharing it with others.

So this is my gift to you – The Greystone Mansion and Park!  Visit often, learn its history and let your imagination run wild!

The park is open daily and is free to all visitors.  There are several events that allow you to tour the inside of the mansion, please visit their calendar for more info.

Happy  Imagining,




    1. Jo

      I am so EXCITED when I find something new like this- I LOVE my hometown LA. — even though I now live in BEAUTIFUL San Diego County. THANKS for the info, got any more hidden gems?

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