Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company – San Francisco, Calif.

You have got to go here…Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company, San Francisco, Calif.

Have you ever wondered where fortune cookies are made?  Well fret no more…the secret location has been discovered – the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company in San Francisco.  Now I know that this is probably not the only place they make them, but I am sure it is one of the coolest!

The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company is located in Ross Alley, which is bordered by Jackson St. to the north, Washington St. to the south, Stockton St. to the west and Grant St. to the east.  Pick up a touristy map in San Francisco and you will be able to find it!  You can get to it by foot, cable car or bus depending on where you are staying.

Once  you locate this treasure, be prepared to step back in time.  The fortune cookies are made by hand, there is no cash register – just a bucket to put money in, there is no website, no facebook page…just fresh fortune cookies!

When you enter, you will see the ladies making cookies…get close, see how it is done!

So from what I can gather, the machine above pours the dough in the flattner (highly technical terms here 🙂 ), then when it is almost cooked, but still pliable, it is taken out, formed and the fortune is put in.  I could have watched this process all the day.  The lady was so quick…she didn’t even have to look at what she was doing – it was almost like performance art!

Oh and by the way…they give you free samples!!!  The taste is amazing, I can not explain how good a fresh fortune cookie tastes.  You will always roll your eyes at a packaged one after that!

Spend as much time as you want taking in the sights and amazing smells.  I was so fascinated by the production that goes on in such a tiny little shop!

OK, so one last thing before you go…MUST BUY COOKIES!  They are so cheap and most importantly delicious.  We bought a bag of 10 for $2.00!  I ate them a week later and they were still just as tasty.  They make great souvenirs to bring home, providing you don’t eat them all.

My suggestions, go early in the day as it can get crowded inside – it is very small! Take cash (small bills) as they do not take cards and ask for a 50 cent donation to take a picture (you can take as many as you want for the one donation).

On a personal note, I love that this place is removed from all the modern conveniences we are so used to.  It is almost relaxing to me to visit a somewhere that still upholds traditions and does things the way they have always been done.  If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it is for sure the motto of the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company!

Happy Fortune Reading,


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