CIBO – Sausalito, Calif.

You have got to go here…CIBO – Sausalito, Calif.

After many trips to the bay area I finally made my way over to Sausalito…what a beautiful little town.  It was quaint and the view of San Francisco was amazing!  Unfortunately I only had time to grab lunch, but boy did I find a great little spot – CIBO.  Not only is crossing the Golden Gate Bridge worth it to see Sausalito, it is worth it to eat at CIBO.

I did no research before heading into Sausalito for food, but when I drove by CIBO (located at 1201 Bridgeway) it was packed inside and outside…so I stopped.  The first things I noticed when I entered were the relaxing outdoor seating area and the fresh baked goods that welcomed you at the front door!

The menu had so many options…it was hard to choose!  After mulling it over I finally decided on a winter salad (yeah for beets and goat cheese), a ham and cheese panini, a homemade sugar cookie, and fresh brewed ice tea!  The taste of the the winter salad was magnificent…the flavors blended so well together.  What I liked most is that there was no heavy feeling when I was done and I didn’t feel bad indulging in the mouth watering cookie!

There is nothing better than enjoying fresh food while relaxing in the California sunshine!  Don’t rush through lunch, take your time…there is ample seating inside and out so maybe try both.  The decor inside is modern and clean and if you sit outside you can see the water!  We chose to sit outside and get some Vitamin D while we ate and of course looking at all the dogs that were hanging out was a fun treat too!

CIBO is in walking distance of the town center where there are shops and historical sites to see so be sure and investigate.

My suggestions: bring change as the most convienent parking is metered…make sure you watch your time.  Also, if you like coffee they serve Blue Bottle Coffee…it is probably the best Cafe Au Lait I have had short of being in New Orleans…try it!

Happy Eating,


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