Balboa Ferry – Balboa Island, Calif.

You have got to go here…Balboa Island Ferry – Balboa Island, Calif.

If you live in Orange County, Calif. and you have never been here…you are missing out.  If you live outside of this county, you have got to go here!  The Balboa Island Ferry has been in operation since 1919.  It’s main purpose is to shuttle cars and people between Balboa Island and Balboa Pennisula – but  I think its real purpose is FUN!!!

The Balboa Island Ferry is one of the most inexpensive (see fares pictured below) fun things to do in Orange County.  It is great for kids, couples, friends and cars who want to do something out of the ordinary.  There are two ways to hop on the ferry: from Balboa Island off Agate Ave. or from Palm St. on Balboa Peninsula (I will give you my suggestion later.)

The wait for a ferry is never long, in summer there are always three running.  Be patient and enjoy the beauty around you.

I always get a little giddy when waiting for the ferry, maybe it’s because I love the ocean or maybe it is because I always see something cool.  I have never been on the ferry and not viewed amazing wildlife or spectacular landscape.

Once on the ferry feel free to walk around to see all of the bay.  If you are in your car, you are more than welcome to get out and enjoy the sceneary as well.  The ride is about five minutes, while not long…it is totally worth it for the expierence.  The staff will come around and collect your money.  Cash ONLY –  so be prepared!

If you are like me, once the ride comes to an end I feel sad…lol!  Don’t you fret, they will let you ride as many times as you want!

OK, here is my suggestion for the perfect ride!  Park on Marine Ave. on Balboa Island – there are tons of cute shops and restaurants to visit and don’t forget to pick up an authentic Balboa Bar!  Follow the signs to the ferry (about a half-mile walk).  You can either choose to walk along the water or through the neighborhood.  Either route doe snot disappoint as cute houses to admire line the streets.  Once you get to the ferry dock grab a bag of locally made Rusty’s Chips at the corner market for a tasty snack to enjoy while on the water.  Hop on the ferry when you are ready and have fun!  At the peninsula – get off and explore the shopping, eating and shoreline.  Don’t rush to get back as the ferry runs until 2 a.m.!

Happy Ferrying,


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