Pie Ranch – Pescadero, Calif.

You have got to go here…Pie Ranch – Pescadero, Calif.

Do you love fresh organic pie?  If you do, then Pie Ranch is your place!

As I was driving from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay I begun to see signs…PIE…PIE…PIE and finally STOP FOR PIE.  I usually always do what I am told so I stopped – truth be told…I love pie and fresh pie at that!

Pie Ranch is located about 35 miles north of Santa Cruz and 17 miles south of Half Moon Bay on Hwy 1 outside the town of Pescadero.  It is nestled between miles of beautiful green fields and amazing ocean views.  Be aware that Pie Ranch can be hard to find as the quaint barn that holds all the of the pie goodness can be missed so be on the look out.

I was so excited when I exited the car I practically ran to the door…OK OK that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I was giddy.  Finding little places off the beaten path is a true love of mine (hence the blog) and this place already seemed like a gem – and boy was it.  When I entered the barn I was surprised that the first thing I saw was not pie, but organic produce and products.  I learned that Pie Ranch is actually a working farm (the land is in the shape of a pie) too!  The really cool thing about them is that they are sustainable and educate local  youth and the community on farm-based programs.


Alright, I am sure you want to know about the pie right?  After taking my time to look at all of the wonderful delights I finally made it to the pie.  They sell small tartlets and whole pies.  My husband and I chose to have a strawberry (they have different flavors depending on the season) tartlet and it was delicious.  I know that I have mentioned freshness several times, but I can’t stress this enough.  The fruit wasn’t saturated with a sugary sauce and the crust was light and flaky.  There is seating inside but we decided to grab a cup of water (FREE!) and head outside to a bale of hay and eat our pie in the countryside!

My suggestions:  Now that you know about this place, plan ahead!  Pack a picnic lunch, have a pie eating contest with friends and enjoy the day.  If you want you can volunteer or take a tour of the farm as well!

Pie Ranch is another reason why you should always keep your eyes open as there are treasures all around us!

Happy Pieing!


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