Potter School – Bodega, Calif.

You have got to go here…Potter School – Bodega, Calif.

Drum roll please…the mystery location is revealed:  It is the school from Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.

While a lot of the movie was filmed in Bodega Bay (stop in at the visitors center and you can get a map of where the film locations are around the town), the school (which is now a private home) is located in the adjacent city of Bodega.

When we turned down the road to go to the school I started to feel creepy and for sure was on the look out for birds…lol.  You can’t miss this landmark.  There is ample parking on the street so that you can stop and take pictures (or re-enact running from the birds like I did), but please remember that this is a private home.

OK, so for the really creepy part…there were tons of swallows just flying around the house and there were hundreds of nests under the eaves…it is like they knew the history of the property!

My husband and I had tons of fun walking around the building, marveling at its architecture and thinking about the power house actors and director who stood here before us.

While this is not an all day trip as there isn’t much else to do other than visit a few stores and pick up a snack at the general store, it is for sure worth a stop if you are in the San Francisco or Sonoma area.  If you are a movie buff it truly is some place you have got to go, BUT watch out for the birds!

Happy Bird Watching,


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