Carlsbad, Calif to San Diego, Calif. via Pacific Coast Highway

You have got to go here…drive from Carlsbad, Calif to San Diego, Calif via Pacific Coast Highway.

Sometimes the journey is just as important.  With that in mind I decided to make my actual drive to San Diego my destination.  You just never know what you are going to discover unless you stop!

Once we got off the 5 freeway in Carlsbad we were ready to explore!  The goal was to stop at places that caught our eye…First…breakfast!

While driving through Encinitas I spotted a big yellow house that had a line out the door, so I stopped!  Now a line doesn’t always equal goodness, but I was willing to take the risk.

Pannikin Coffee and Tea has been open since 1968 and is family owned and operated.  Aside from having super yummy coffee, tea and pastries (by the way we had a raspberry-bran muffin and blood-orange iced tea) they also have a general store and an art gallery all housed in a historic train station circa 1888.  How cool is that?

I could have sat around and lounged in the sunshine all day, but I had things to see…so off we went!

Our next stop was courtesy of a vintage sign…

I saw the sign and followed it right to the Fletcher Cove Beach Park in Solana Beach.  While it was only a short stop, there is no better way to stretch your legs than breathing fresh air and taking in a beautiful ocean view!

OK, so about this time I am ready to shop…I have passed way too many cute boutiques without stopping.  Luckily we discovered Del Mar and a fabulous store – Urban Girl Accessories!

Urban Girl Accessories had everything from shoes to jewelry to party supplies.  While Del Mar is full of quaint stores, this store had so much variety and fun.  I encourage you to discover this beautiful shopping village, but for sure make Urban Girl Accessories a must stop!

Yes, my favorite part of Del Mar was shopping, but my other favorite part were the trees!!!  They were so beautiful and unique…we spent quite a bit of time walking around and looking at all of the varieties!

I had to drag my husband away from this bench as it was such a serene spot…but I enticed him with lunch!

While there was no plan for the day, we knew we wanted to end up on Coronado Island and have lunch at Burger Lounge!  It was New Year’s Day 2011 when we discovered this yummy restaurant and for a year we have been dreaming of going back.  The burgers and salads are mouth watering and OMG the fries and onion rings are addicting.  I highly suggest you check out their menu and make a point to have a nice relaxing meal.

OK, I know this has been a full blog, but I want to leave you with two more things that you have to see on Coronado Island…

You must go to the historic Hotel Del Coronado to see the FREE Dr. Seuss Sculpture garden.  I was so excited when I turned the corner and saw the Lorax (my favorite) and the Grinch!  This garden is for kids young and old.

Spend as much time as you need and be silly!

When you are ready, head west on the beach and look for this:

Do you know what it spells?  Your homework is find out:)

While we saw many other amazing things on our mini-road trip, I hope this encourages you to get out there to stop and smell the roses for yourself.  Wonderous discoveries are everywhere, not just when you reach your destination!

Happy driving and discovering!


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