The Landsby – Solvang, Calif.

You have got to go here…The Landsby – Solvang, Calif.

Usually I write about places to go and see, but I was so impressed with a little boutique hotel that I just had to honor it with its own blog post.

Located in the quirky, but oh so cute town of Solvang, The Landsby is the perfect hotel for a girls weekend, a romantic night or just an excuse to get away and eat great food.

When looking for a cute hotel just to spend one night at while passing through town, I stumbled upon The Landsby. It looked quaint in pictures and got rave reviews so I said, why not.  When we arrived the first thing we noticed was how great the service was.  The second…SUPER cute, but simple decor.

It made me feel more like a guest in someones home, rather than a number at a big hotel chain.  After receiving our keys I knew that this was going to be a great stay…


This is a saying that resonates with me and I loved this small, but personal touch.

When we unlocked our door, we were immediately greeted by lots of light and again, very simple but inviting touches.

Not only was there a bag of lavender on our bed, but there was a ocean noise machine, a huge bathroom and plenty of space to relax.  Our view was the lovely town of Solvang and I couldn’t have been happier.  What I was really surprised by was that this awesome room was the least expensive one on the property.  I can’t even imagine what the other rooms looked like (there is even one with a loft).

The last thing (and most important) I want to talk about is the FOOD.  We were actually on our way  out to dinner when we got to the lobby and it smelled so good, we stayed for Happy Hour.

The prices were great and the food was out of this world.  They have a great selection of local beer and wine as well. It also doesn’t hurt that they play awesome music.

I was sad to leave the next morning, but happy to have discovered such a gem that I know I will be visiting again.

A couple of other things…they don’t offer room service, but have PINT service.  In the evening you can order a pint of local ice cream and have it delivered to your room.  Also, fresh continental breakfast is included with your stay.


Happy Landsbying,


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