The Grotto – Portland, Ore.

You have got to go here…The Grotto – Portland, Ore.


Want to spend an afternoon reconnecting with nature, and yourself?  Look no further than The Grotto in Portland, Oregon. Home to The Servites, this Catholic shrine is welcoming to people of all faiths.

As you enter, it just feels peaceful. Birds are chirping and you are hugged by trees.  The bottom portion of the gardens are home to the Chapel of Mary, the Stations of the Cross, and The Grotto (a magnificent outdoor chapel).

The Grotto

While the above sites are free, for $6 you can enter the upper gardens, and believe me…you have got to go to the upper gardens!!!

A short elevator ride takes you to the breathtaking upper portion of The Grotto.



Take a moment to really enjoy the view, and be in the moment.






When you are ready, proceed to take a leisurely stroll through the gardens. Some of my favorites are the labyrinth, the Monastery, St. Anne’s Chapel, and The Meditation Chapel.

Along the pathways you will encounter beauty at every turn…

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…so take your time, and enjoy all the beauty and peace that the gardens have to offer.

In today’s society we are all going a million miles a minute, so do yourself a favor and take a moment to actually be in the moment, and there is no better place than The Grotto to do this.

In Portland around Christmas?  The Grotto also has a fabulous festival of lights!

Happy Grotting,




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