Waterton – Alberta, Canada

You have got to go here…Waterton – Alberta, Canada.

Have you ever been somewhere that is so beautiful and majestic that it literally brings tears to your eyes?  I have, and it is called Waterton.  Located on the Canadian side of Glacier National Park (more on that later) in Alberta, this tiny town sits on the edge of Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada.


The people are lovely, the food is great, and the shopping is abundant…but these aren’t the reasons why I went.

When researching a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana I came across a historic hotel that served high tea.  My eyes lit up, I must go here!

Developed by the Great Northern Railway, the Prince of Wales hotel has been in existence since 1927, and is home to the first elevator in Canada.  It is open to guests May through September, and my only regret on my visit is that I didn’t stay. BUT what I did do is have tea.


This picture and any pictures I post here will not do it justice (you seriously must go for yourself). I have never in my life, and may never again, have tea in such a beautiful place.  Eating scones and sipping tea in a historic hotel while looking at nature was an experience that I will never forget.  After a few hours of taking in all of the sights we decided to explore the Canadian side of Glacier National Park.

Although it is just on the other side of the United States Border, the landscape is so different, and you are missing out if you visit the United States side and don’t cross over to Canada.

The beauty of the flowers, and the size of the mountains were things that dreams were made of.

My favorite part was Red Rock Canyon, a very easy hike that led you up a red rock canyon, shocker :). I can’t say it enough…these pictures do not do it justice, this is must see in person.

A quick reminder, you are in nature and there are wild animals around. There were two bear sightings in the areas we visited the day we were exploring. Come prepared, and keep your eyes open. Fortunately this was the only bear we saw.


Although we drove from Glacier National Park in Montana and just spent the day in Waterton, if you have time, I suggest you spend the night. The drive from Montana was picturesque, and we were fortunate to see many waterfalls and wild animals along the way, so keep your eyes open.  We actually saw a real life cattle drive!!!  My favorite sighting was…


He was in no hurry, nor were we, so it worked out perfectly.

Happy Watertoning,


P.S. – I purposely saved the best views for your own two eyes.

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