Twedes Cafe- North Bend, WA

You have got to go here…Twedes Cafe – North Bend, WA.

East of Seattle, WA you will find a magnificent 286ft waterfall, Snoqualmie Falls.

My, those are big falls!

It is for sure worth a visit, but this blog isn’t about viewing the rushing water…it is about pie! We had no idea that being hungry would set us out on a better adventure than the one we attended.

Shortly after nervously looking over the edge and taking tons of pictures of the falls, our stomachs started to rumble…so to Yelp I went. I had noticed that there were a bunch of restaurants just a few miles away in the city of North Bend. We headed that way and I started to do some more research, that is when I discovered it was where the TV show Twin Peaks was filmed. That solidified our decision. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the show, I love pop culture…

…and therefore the only option for lunch was Twedes Cafe, aka the Double R Diner.

We were in search of a damn fine cup of coffee, and a slice of cherry pie (any Twin Peaks fans out there?). Not only did we find these, but we also found an amazing lunch at this cute diner. Portions were huge, and good hospitality was abundant.

The cafe is super cute, and does not shy away from its association to the TV show. The surrounding town is very quaint, with unique shops all around. You also couldn’t ask for better views, it is nestled among green mountains. At the end of the day, I couldn’t believe our luck. An empty stomach and a quest for a fun place to eat had led us on an unexpected adventure…my favorite kind!

Happy pieing,


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