Oregon Coast Railriders – Bay City, OR

You have got to go here…Oregon Coast Railriders – Bay City, Oregon.

Do you know what this is? It is an ADVENTURE!

Have you ever wanted to bike on an abandoned railroad track? Well, if the answer is yes, I have just the adventure for you. Start in Portland, Oregon, head east on a beautiful road for 90 minutes and you will arrive in Bay City, the home of Oregon Coast Railriders…where for $26 you will have the time of your life.

TIPS: You must make a reservation, so plan accordingly. Layer up, as it can be cold on the coast even during the summer, and bring water.

What I love about this excursion is you can go with just a few people, or bring a ton of family and friends.

So what do you do on your trip? Sit down, pedal and take in 12 miles of truly majestic nature.

The most fun? Getting to be a part of an actual railroad crossing, and turning your bike around like an actual train!!!

How long does it take you ask? 2hrs, and it goes by so fast. Can I do it? YES! While you do have to pedal, it is mostly flat, and I often forgot I was even biking.

Oh, and they have a rail dog, so you know it will be a good time!

If you are in the area, I 100% recommend you grab your friends and ride the rails. Plus, there are a ton of other fun things to do in the area, like eat lots of Cheese at the Tillamook Factory and Blue Heron…visit where The Goonies (GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE) was filmed…amongst other things.

It is feasible to do this as a day trip from Portland, but I wish we had stayed the night because there was lots of discovering that didn’t get done. So, I recommend you find a cute hotel and enjoy a few days on the Oregon Coast after your bike trip.

Happy railing,


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