Olympic Game Farm – Sequim, WA.

You have got to go here…Olympic Game Farm…Sequim, WA.

I am a firm believer in signs, so when traveling I am always reading billboards to help guide me to my next adventure.  While heading to Olympic National Park, there it was, like a beacon lighting my way…a sign for the Olympic Game Farm.


Immediately intrigued because of the pictures of animals and the word farm, our minivan made a right turn and headed towards what would become one of the most fun adventures of my life.


A brief history of the farm, it was originally the set of many of the nature films that were produced while Walt & Roy Disney were alive. After Roy’s passing, the farm was opened to the public, and now serves as a sanctuary to animals.

The entrance fee is between $13 and $15 per person, and it is worth every dollar.  OH, but the most important thing you will need for your trip is bread (more on this later).  It is $2 per loaf, and buy AT LEAST one loaf per person in your car. I actually regret not buying more bread.


OK, now you have your map…get to driving. YES, that is right, you get to drive your own vehicle, and feed animals…did I forget to mention that?

Take your time, and enjoy every minute of it.  Here are some things you might see.


Now you see why you need so much bread???  At first it was intimidating to have a huge animal come up to your window, but after the first feeding we were hooked. I personally could not get enough, and have never smiled so much in my life.  As a lover of animals, and quirky things to do, I was in my element.

A short unedited video to take you to the farm…wait for it…wait for it…

There was no shortage of animals who wanted to come greet you (and your bread). Best part, you can actually drive through as many times as you would like.

Located about two and half hours from Seattle, this gem is not to be missed.  Of course there is more to the farm then I have told you, but I will leave these things for you to discover on your own.

Happy farming,



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